Anna Quinn


Anna is a Medical Technologist, earning a BS in Laboratory Science from the University of New Hampshire. In addition to her career in the clinical laboratory, Anna has taught at a local community college. Her volunteer work includes teaching in an interactive way that make the sciences fun to young teens, such as Health Adventures focused towards children at risk, and Women in Science and Engineering, a program for teenage girls.
Anna’s love for children’s music started, well, when she was a child. She had quite the collection of classics as a little girl, singing and dancing along to songs by Burl Ives, Gene Autry and Shirley Temple. Luckily, Anna never lost the ability to enjoy children’s music and continues to acquire a collection of her favorite songs that she loves to share. She can often be caught listening to children’s songs, either on her iPod or her favorite weekend radio show, The Playground. Anna is persistent in her quest to share her love of children’s music, and has managed to convert a few skeptics. The joy and laughter of a child is contagious.