Holly Zwerling

Educational Advisory Committee

Holly Zwerling (LMFT, LCSW, Family Therapist and Family Life Educator) is President of the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida whose mission is to facilitate the involvement of fathers in children’s lives.  The Fatherhood Task Force, in partnership with the University of Miami School of Education,  presents annual Fatherhood Conferences which provides opportunities for community partnerships to empower fathers and to strengthen relationships with their children, families and communities.  She stresses father’s role as “educator” and through the FTFSF’s Fatherhood Reading Squad: Leaders for Readers Program,  she works with schools in inviting fathers  to read and tell stories to promote literacy and to discover networking opportunties  among other fathers.  Her work promoting the importance of fathers in children’s lives won her recognition from the Children’s Trust of Florida.  She brings over 30 years experience as a Family Therapist and Family Life Educator. Mrs. Zwerling is also the Founder and CEO of Having Babies After 30, an all-inclusive parenting program with an emphasis on parents’ strengths to further discover their parenting abilities, a program that has been equally praised by participants and the media.