Dr. Jingyi Hong

Co-author of Yang’s New Dance, Chinese Subject Expert, Cross-Cultural Communications Expert; Educational Advisory Committee

Dr. Hong is an internationally renowned expert on Chinese culture and politics. She is a lecturer, educator, television and film producer, simultaneous interpreter/translator, published author, consultant, and businesswoman. She has spoken, written, reported, and taught on all aspects of Chinese life and how it relates to the Western world. Since 1979, she has interpreted for numerous major federal and non-profit organizations, covering a wide range of subjects including economics, politics, environmental protection, and minority issues. She has provided simultaneous translation for major world leaders, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, US Supreme Court Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Anthony Kennedy, and Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang and Vice Premier Wan Li during their visits to the USA. Her distinct international outlook and interpretation of both the historical and contemporary perspectives of Chinese culture brings distinctive insight to the Alphabet Kids. The Yang’s New Dance book will be released in September 2010.