Mickie Quinn Boggs

Creative Director; Illustrator of Alphabet Kids Go to the Planetarium

Mickie has always been a child at heart. A life-long lover of animation, children's books, and theater has prepared her to be fully immersed in the Alphabet Kids project. Mickie earned her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in book design from Ithaca College. She went on to become a graphic designer working for many theaters, musicians, and theaters in the Northeast. In 1995 she built her first website and began her journey into digital media. She moved to New York City to work for MSN.com. She was recruited to become the Senior Designer for Snowball.com, a prominent youth-oriented portal site where she developed projects for Britney Spears, Old Navy, Claire's, and Cheez Whiz to name a few. In 2001, she took her experience into the classroom and became a Visual Communications teacher for George Washington High School in NYC. While teaching, she was recruited by ThinkQuest New York City to help develop a teacher training program to bring project-based technology lessons into inner-city schools. Also serving as Creative Director for TQNYC, Mickie found a balance of her love of teaching and love of creating. Mickie now runs her own company, Mighty Productions, where she produces websites, graphic design, illustration, Flash animation and also develops Instructional Technology workshops for students, teachers and the general public. All the while, she continues finding ways to inspire others through whimsy, creativity, and the joy of learning.