Neme Alperstein

Co-author of Isaac’s Zoo; Educational Advisory Committee


Neme Alperstein, born in Israel, has been leaving her mark on education for more than two decades. A teacher of Gifted and Talented Students at a New York City Public School since 1987, she has worked on numerous educational initiatives for organizations throughout the world. In honor of her relentless service to pupils and teachers in New York and beyond, she has received scores of honors, awards, grants, and global recognition, most notably NYC Teacher of the Year 2000, NTTI-WNET Thirteen’s Teacher of the Year 2000, Bertelsmann Innovative Teacher of the Year 2003, and numerous ThinkQuest International Website Competition awards. Neme's extensive work with student website development has earned her international recognition as an early adopter and noted authority of collaborative learning. A true educator of the twenty-first century, she has taken full advantage of how technology and the internet can positively affect the minds of our future.