The Alphabet Kids Books serve as a launch pad in educating students, teachers, and parents in cross-cultural understanding and character education using engaging activities, writing, and interaction with their peers. While the characters represent a different cultural background, the themes are universal to all children: responsibility, bullying, conservation, etc. 


The Alphabet Kids Educational Team works with schools and school districts to integrate activities, readings, lesson plans, and a full theme-based curriculum. We would love to work with you too.



The Alphabet Kids Educational Team has developed many levels of engagement around the characters, stories, and themes from our books:

  • Print Materials (Coloring Pages, Activities)
  • In-School Visits (Readings, Activities, Professional Development)
  • Curriculum
  • Lesson Plans & Activities
  • Translations

The Alphabet Kids Educatiional Team keeps their finger on the pulse of hot topics in educatioin by publishing articles and Tips From A Teacher in the Alphabet Kids Magazine.