Incorporate multiculturalism into your school’s classrooms with the Alphabet Kids book series, curriculum and activities. Alphabet Kids has been commended by ambassadors, commissioners, teachers, parents and most importantly, kids, as being fun, interesting, and full of messages best taught at an early age. 
The Alphabet Kids series is comprised of six books focusing on a character from a different cultural background. Each book not only exemplifies diversity but also has a valuable life lesson ranging from responsibility to recycling. The stories help children to love who they are and realize that people who are different can be very good friends. We ensure that reading the Alphabet Kids series and understanding the message of multicultural awareness is a wonderful experience.

The Alphabet Kids Educational Team has developed two types of curriculum:

  1. Six stand-alone multidisciplinary lesson plans and activities that revolve around each of the Alphabet Kids books.
  2. An immersive semester-long curriculum that focuses on a singular theme that stems from one of the books.

Lesson Plans & Activities

  • The Alphabet Kids Lesson Plans and Activities correlate to National Learning Standards.
  • Teachers can pick and choose lessons at their discretion.
  • Lessons focus on Reading Comprehension, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Math, and the Arts.
  • Handout Activities are visually engaging and easily reproduced.
  • Teacher Lesson Plans and Activities are organized into a three-ring binder.
  • Works with Alphabet Kids School Visits.

Theme-Based Curriculum

  • Unifies school/grade, while allowing freedom within the classroom.
  • Student-centered, Multimodal experiences.
  • Inquiry-based learning that promotes critical thinking.
  • Culminating projects invite participation from the greater school community.
  • Works with the Alphabet Kids Residency Program.
  • Encourages the use of experts from the community.
  • Incorporates Family Homework that will engage at-home communication and participation.
  • Alphabet Kids Educational Team will work with administrators to tailor curriculum to meet academic needs.