Fun, Fantastic Fathers!


At Alphabet Kids, we are lucky to have a wonderful example of a fun and fantastic father, our graphic designer Gerry Mohammad Scott.  We asked Gerry to give us six tips about ways he finds to spend quality time with his kids and here's what Graphic Designer Gerard Mohammad Scott, with his children had to say:  
"Ha! Ha! I love this," says Gerry.
My son is almost 4 and my daughter is 16 months. First, let me say that I work from home and my wife has a part time job. Therefore, I spend a lot of time with the kids; so much so that I've nicknamed myself "Mother Hen." In general, we do a lot of stuff as a family. For example, every Saturday morning, our family unit loads into the car to take my son to soccer. We usually go to, what he calls, "The Cookie Store" for a well-deserved treat following his exciting performance. It's little events like these, which inherently keep our family close, loving, and happy; thereby making me the proud daddy that I am.   
Here are some ways I spend time with my kids:
Bedtime - I once overheard an elderly gentleman telling a young father, "If there's one thing you make sure to do, read to your child every night before going to bed." I took that advice to heart and practice it consistently. We also say a little prayer to reflect on the day which reminds the kids they are protected and blessed.
Meals - I cook. We sit and have meals together... always. No fast food (except the occasional pizza). No meals on the couch. Just good old fashion dinnertime.  
Art - My son was painting canvases around his first birthday. I draw, paint and do arts and crafts regularly throughout the week with both kids.
Backyard - Having a backyard is great. We are always playing sports. We also do plenty of gardening, getting wet, blowing bubbles, and simply running around.
Parks - We spend a lot of time going to parks for the playground and to meet new and old friends. (Relative to the great outdoors, we haven't gone camping yet, but I'm concocting a secret plan to try it this summer. Sshhhhh!)
Road trips - Our extended families are scattered. So, to see them our family takes long journeys in our cramped, mid-sized sedan. This is not only a great bonding exercise, but also a method of improving on patience and tolerance.