Welcoming immigrant children from around the globe, The Chorus helps to rescue the young lives blown apart by the horrifying conditions from which many of them have fled. War-torn villages, bloodshed, refugee camps, famine, and political turmoil were devastating realities for so many of these young singers before being embraced by the warmth, companionship and harmony of a loving musical environment. For these children, the power of survival eases - but never erases - the memory of unthinkable physical danger and personal tragedy. Con Fullam, an award-winning producer, musician, and songwriter, combined his passion for music with a deep concern for the effect of world issues on children and started The Chorus. The Indian word Pihcintu means, "When she sings, her voice carries far," a sentiment that truly embodies the spirit of Music for the World. Ranging in age from 8 to 18, with families originally from Cambodia, China, Congo, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Viet Nam, West Indies, and Zambia, the girls bond with children whose families have lived in the United States and Canada for generations. The Chorus has touched the hearts of all those who hear their songs. Through the healing power of music, these vulnerable, yet brave, young women have learned to trust, hope...and laugh again.

Building on its mission to connect children from diverse backgrounds through music and friendship, The Pihcintu Chorus collaborated with The Alphabet Kids. Together, we have a mutual message of tolerance, understanding and sharing the joy of music - being guided by the philosophy of giving back. The Chorus makes contributions to the schools, orphanages and villages from which the children originated. The Pitcintu Chorus will be touring around the country and a documentary film is in progress. Music for the World CD is available in the Alphabet Kids online store.