A Positive Future with Positive Exposure


In keeping with the spirit of Alphabet Kids' mission to promote tolerance and understanding, we encourage embracing new ways of seeing the people around us. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Rick Guidotti, a fashion photographer with an international reputation. After a chance encounter seeing a young woman with Albinism, a congenital disorder characterized by the absence of pigment in the hair, eyes and skin, Guidotti began to question his own philosophy and standards for beauty.   
Upon doing research, he realized that images of non-conventional subjects that did exist were either clinical or negative. So deeply moved by his findings, he decided to dedicate his career to breaking barriers and shattering negative images of individuals living with physical differences, specifically children living with genetic conditions.
In 1997, Guidotti and Diane McLean, MD, PhD, MPH, founded Positive Exposure (positiveexposure.org), an organization utilizing the visual arts to significantly impact the fields of genetics, mental health and human rights.
Guidotti is setting new standards for the definition of image and beauty. We applaud his personal dedication to changing perceptions by visiting health care professionals-in-training, universities, elementary and secondary schools, legislators and the general public as part of his mission. Alphabet Kids looks forward to helping erase stereotypes of all kinds by collaborating with Positive Exposure on future programs.
Photos © Rick Guidotti