Create a Yearly Birthday Book!

By Gladys Hedaya
Alphabet Kids Scrapbooking Expert
Assembling this book in advance provides a no-stress opportunity to remember your child's birthday each and every year. After the initial assembly of the scrapbook, all you will need, yearly, is one photo and a small thought about your child.
You may want to choose a birthday book pose that you will snap a picture of each year for example: blowing out the candles, or perhaps with an icing smudge on the nose for good luck. This book showcases your child's growth and commemorates your child's special day in a simple and attractive way. It also makes for a lifelong treasure your child is sure to cherish as an adult.
  1. 8x8 mini scrapbook with inserts
  2. Scrap book insert PDF
  3. Gel pen
  4. Tape runner or other photo safe adhesive
  5. Dimensional foam tape
  6. Number stickers to fit inside circle
  7. 4x6 birthday photographs of your child 
To assemble book:
  1. Download & Print Scrapbook Inserts
  2. Cut out journaling blocks, circles and page squares.
  3. Adhere number stickers on each circle to show child's age. 
  4. Write, _____ years old below each circle.
  5. Use dimensional tape to adhere circle in the center of printed side to make the circle pop.




  1. Adhere photo in gray rectangle.
  2. Write a small tidbit in the journaling block of the child's special day. For example: We had a pirate party this year! or Elena loved her pink tutu from Grandma!
  3. Adhere journaling block below the photo,
  4. Ideas about how to involve your children:
  5. Children can also embellish the circle and the pages with mini buttons, flowers, etc.
  6. Children can fill in a thought about their birthday on the journaling card. 
  7. Ask children to write how old they are on the circle card instead of using a number sticker. 
These ideas are particularly fun because you can see how your child’s handwriting changes and develops each birthday.