Father's Day is Here: 10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

By Gladys Hedaya
Alphabet Kids Scrapbooking Expert
What a great time to have kids reflect on reasons they love their dad and create a mini tag book to give dad as a keepsake. Dad is sure to be all smiles when he receives this token of appreciation and may even get a little choked up. This could be given as an everyday gift or as a gift for Father's Day.
  1. 10 different photos of dad and child or dad alone. 
  2. Print outs of tag graphics
  3. 5 sheets of 8.5x11 white cardstock. (I used white with colorful speckles for fun)
  4. 1 metal ring
  5. A hole punch
  6. Thin cardboard (optional‚ the back board of a yellow legal pad or something similar works well)
  7. Glue stick
  8. Photo pencil or regular pencil
  1. Print out .pdf sheets of tag graphics
  2. Write down ten reasons kids love Dad on the journal blocks
  3. Cut out the tags 
  4. Spend time choosing ten photos with your child, if you have the pictures printed you can cut them as is or photocopy them so they do not get ruined or you can go through digital pictures you have in the computer or on the camera
  5. Print 5x7 pictures and cut them into the tag shape or print 4x6 pictures and lay them over the tag shape 
  6. Cut out the tags.
  7. If using cardboard, glue the tags to the cardboard and cut around them. Using the cardboard simply makes the book more sturdy
  8. Trace tags over the photos and cut out
  9. Use the glue stick to stick the photos over the tags 
  10. Punch holes in tags
  11. Unite all the tags using the metal ring