Fun Jars!

By Gladys Hedaya
Alphabet Kids Scrapbooking Expert


The Fun Jar activity project can inspire creative thinking and fantasy play. It can keep children engaged for hours.
This activity can be completed during travel or on a quiet day at home. The tags can be filled out and decorated on the plane when prolonged sitting time allows your children to brainstorm and exchange ideas. It also encourages discussion and interaction between parent and child. If you use a plastic jar, this can be taken on a trip to fill the down time that may occur at the airport or on the way to different places you will be visiting.
Here are some prompts you can offer your kids to create different kinds of jars. Use your imagination and the questions can be limitless!
  • Activity Jar: what are different activities you can do alone or with a friend around the house?
  • Places to Go Jar: you may include a walk in the park, to the 99 cents store or grocery store. You can even have a jar specific to the different seasons of the year; beach in the summer, sledding hill in the winter, for example.
  • Questions Jar: different questions kids could ask one another ‚What was the most exciting day of your life‚ if you can be any color of the rainbow, what would it be and why? This jar is fun to use during family dinner.
  • Family Jar: Fill the jar with information about members of the family and then guess who the person is that is being described. This could be a great family reunion game.
  • Animal Jar: "If you can be any animal, what would it be and why? What sounds would you make? Describe animals and their various characteristics. Have the children draw a picture of the answer.
  1. 1 mason jar or empty sauce jar with a wide opening.
  2. 1 sheet pattern scrapbook paper
  3. 5 -8.5x11 scrapbook solid paper in light colors or neutrals
  4. Pen 
  5. Hole punch
  6. Glue
  7. Scissors
  8. Double-sided stick tape
  9. Buttons
  10. Assorted ribbon scraps
  11. Long piece of ribbon
  12. Printer
  1. Print out .PDFs (jar labels and fun tags).
  2. Have children fill out PDFs with creative ideas of games or activities such as play Monopoly‚ paint a watercolor‚ practice piano (or any other instrument) etc. The more specific the description, the better. Caregivers can also help fill out the tags. 
  3. Cut out tags and punch holes on top.
  4. Tie ribbon through the holes.
  5. Cut pattern paper to wrap around jar.
  6. Cut out label and adhere with tape to front of jar.
  7. Glue buttons to jar top. This step can be given to the younger kids so everyone is involved.
  8. Tie ribbon around top of jar.
  9. Stuff jar with the tags.
  10. When kids are bored, have them pick a tag and do the activity. If they do not like what they picked, have them pick another one.