Letters of Love

By Gladys Hedaya
Alphabet Kids Scrapbooking Expert


Although February's scrapbook activity is inspired by Valentine's Day, this mailbox project will encourage exchanging written words throughout the year.
  1. Paper mache mailbox kit (this can be purchased from hobbylobby.com or discountschoolsupply.com)
  2. 2-12x12 pattern paper of your choice (we chose hearts for Valentine's Day)
  3. Paint to match pattern paper
  4. Glue
  5. Safety pin
  6. 2- coordinating colors of 8.5x11 cardstock
  7. Optional: foam shapes, buttons, stickers, etc.
  8. Scoring tool 
  9. Ruler
  10. Double-sided stick tape
  11. Printer
  12. Download Templates  PDF file
  1. Inside each mailbox, gently remove tape covering the fastener prongs holding the mailbox arm. Set aside.
  2. Wrap 12x12 pattern paper around mailbox and mark with pencil to measure. If using a larger mailbox will need a strip of solid paper along bottom because paper does not cover entire mailbox.
  3. Cut paper and set aside.
  4. Paint arm and front and back of mailbox, let dry. Paint second coat. Use safety pin to reopen the little hole that arm was attached to.
  5. Print out envelopes and mini cards. Use ruler to find center of cards. Score against edge of ruler to fold evenly. Assemble envelopes with double-sided stick tape. 
  6. Once mailbox is dry, smear glue on mailbox body and wrap paper around smoothly, smoothing out air bubbles. 
  7. Once dry, place arm back in mailbox and place tape over prongs inside.
  8. If you want, decorate mailbox with foam shapes, buttons and more.
  9. Place a mailbox on each bedroom side table. Slip cards in for one another and lift the arm to indicate that there is mail inside!!! 
  10. Once you get the hang of it, notes can be slipped in lunchboxes, knapsacks, and binders.